Business applications have to work.  That’s simple, right? Not really.

If you don’t ask the right business questions, you can end up with a complex, well-built application that doesn’t actually help your business move forward.  Your people spend time developing endless “work around” rather than doing their jobs.  That doesn’t work.

If you don’t evaluate your IT environment, the IT systems with which the application will interact, and the evolving technology landscape, you can end up with a world-class application that doesn’t integrate with anything else you’ve got.  That doesn’t work.

If you aren’t aware of the most-current and forward-thinking tactics, you can end up with an application you can’t secure, maintain, or grow.  That doesn’t work.

And, frankly, if your code isn’t good, your application can break—a lot.  Then you’ve got chronic down time.  That doesn’t work either.

At Info-Matrix, we develop effective, stable, up-to-date, and scalable applications to meet your business needs. Our goal is to help you realize bottom-line business value as quickly as possible.  Sometimes that means developing complex, integrated, enterprise-level systems.  Sometimes it means developing a quick-fix for a single, quirky problem.

In addition to building from scratch, we have extensive experience modernizing legacy mainframe applications to more current technologies.  We routinely apply our application development services in client-server, web-based and database environments.  And we are particularly adept and leveraging Microsoft Solutions Framework.