Units of government conduct vital business on behalf of citizens and citizens demand (and deserve) the greatest return from their tax dollars.  From helping the most vulnerable of our neighbors to keeping drinking water safe and highway bridges strong, there’s little room for error in delivering government services.

Info-Matrix understands the unique challenges faced by public professionals and technologists.  Priority, budget, timing, procurement, and transparency concerns are just the beginning of the added complexity in government IT.  And, while there are many commonalities, different levels of government face different challenges.  We understand that.

Info-Matrix professionals have extensive experience in the government IT sector.  We recognize that governments have specific development, documentation, approval and production standards—and we follow them.

We know what it’s like to keep existing mainframe, COBOL, client-server, and web-enabled systems running smoothly, even when the conditions are not ideal.  We can provide maintenance services to help keep you in the game;  we can be your after-hours and on-call professionals when your own staffing is tight; we can provide a down-and-dirty solution to solve an immediate problem; or we can provide comprehensive services to evaluate, design, and implement a modernization plan.

And, while our entire government practice is strong, Info-Matrix has extraordinary expertise in working with health and human services agencies—having delved deeply into programming with county governments, state departments, and federal clients.