AFCARS Insights

A Child Welfare Solution

Use AFCARS permanency data to improve child and family outcomes.

Your AFCARS data has the power to improve children’s lives. AFCARS Insights provides you with a user-friendly file validation tool along with meaningful dashboards that support data-based decision making.

Easily identify errors in your AFCARS submission file.

You don’t need to waste precious time interpreting the errors in your AFCARS Data File.

Current AFCARS DQU Error Report

DCU and DQU Error Reports

A powerful Data Quality tool that saves time.

• Your AFCARS file is validated in the time it takes to upload your file.
• User friendly error reporting that makes it easy to know what element to correct.
• Refocus your time on the quality of your work.
• Eliminate the stress of the AFCARS submission.

AFCARS Insights

Analytics focused on Child Permanency Outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

No need to change your case management system, AFCARS Insights works with your current system and requires a few credentials to get started. With a simple upload, you will have access to more than 36 visualizations (countless more with filters!) focused on demographics, foster care, and adoption that can be easily filtered based on your practice.

With AFCARS Insights you can use your current and past AFCARS data files to monitor trends and improvements, empower a data based decision making strategy that stays within limited public agency budgets, and encourages sharing data visualization that support collaboration and system improvements.

Protecting your data is important to us.

Using Data Encryption and a Secure Web Server that ensures that the product is only accessible in the United States, AFCARS Insights incorporates the latest protocols in cyber security. The solution enforces a Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced secure access that demonstrates the Secure Infrastructure needed to be HIPAA compliant and follow local, state and federal guidelines. Providing you the confidence of enhanced data security while staying flexible within the security guidelines.

Easy Upload

File Organization

Error Reporting

Approved File Structure

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Provide your team with the tool they need to make quality decisions.

Having the right tools to make informed decisions for children and families involved in child welfare is critical to improving outcomes. Using both the validation and analytics tool, you are setting your team up for success. Finally, data quality checks will not dominate their time. Your team can get back to doing what is the most important part of social work…to improve the lives of children and families.

Validation Tool

Analytics Tool



Data secured using cloud technology.

Your data is protected with using cloud technology using approved log-in credentials and uploads that are not limited.

Cloud Services

You’re in good company.

“Using Data Analytics supported our agency goal to base our case decisions using the data that we collect every day….living by the stats has made it easier to justify our decisions when we are in court.”

-Lisa, Permanency Team Supervisor

“AFCARS Insights works wonderfully! I used the tool in preparation for my entire AFCARS submission. Agencies should jump at the chance to use it!”

-Kim, Data Manager

Trusted by county public child welfare agencies.

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Our counties love AFCARS Insights because it’s easy, with a defined purpose, and focused on practice improvement. The Power of Information is having the ability to use the data that is collected every day without having to do more. It is having the ability to make informed decisions that matter. Let’s get started.


How easy is it to upload a file?

Making your work as easy as possible is important to us. Simply browse, select, and upload the AFCARS file in the standard federal format you want to validate.

How will I know what needs to be corrected on the AFCARS Insights Error Report?

Simply look at the report and for each error, the AFCARS Element description tells you the information that needs to be corrected.

Can I monitor how long children are in foster care?

Yes! The number of months children are in care is depicted in our Number of Children in Care by Length of Stay graph (FC Element 2 and 18).

Can I monitor how much we are spending with children involved in Independent Living?

Yes! Spending is broken out by age in our Spending Based on Child’s Age and Gender graph.

Will AFCARS Insights keep our data safe and secure from hackers?

Using a Multi-Factor Authentication, Data Encryption, and a Secure Web Server, AFCARS Insights provide you with the protection you need to ensure that your data is safe and follows state and federal information security guidelines.

Can I track how many children are matched with families who look like themselves?

Yes! You can monitor how successful your agency is with matching children with families of the same race and ethnicity using our Children in Care Placed Based on their Racial Ethnicity Match graph (FC Elements 8, 52-55)

How can I track the time it takes to get to permanency for children in foster care?

You can track the time it takes to go from TPR to Adoption using our Length of Time from TPR to Adoption graph (Adoption Elements 19-21).

Can I monitor the number of children adopted over time?

Yes! The number of children in care (FC Element #4) and the number of children adopted (Adoption Element #3) can be monitored in the Number of Children in Care vs Finalized Adoptions graph.

How fast is the upload?

30 seconds! That is faster than the time it takes to get up and get a cup of coffee.