Most in academia would agree that positively impacting the lives of our students is the reason for our passion and dedication.  As educators, we are constantly striving to master pedagogical practices to improve educational outcomes.  Technologies such as big data, analytics and machine learning are providing intuitive platforms that are revolutionizing education and creating a new universe for learning.  In today’s digital age, the copious amounts of data available make it possible for administrators to gain valuable insights and take the appropriate actions.  The way that institutions collect and use data is enabling the application of learning analytics to impact overall performance at an individual and institutional level.

• Interactive Data Visualization
As multiple systems are used to collect various points of data throughout a school, business intelligence and analytics can provide interactive dashboards to senior officials to easily monitor and  identify anomalies in student success factors such as academic performance, attendance and extracurricular involvement.

• Personalized Learning
Learning analytics offers promise for predicting and improving student success. Based on individual behaviors, preferences and identified needs, programs can be tailored to customized learning experiences.

• Early Intervention
Within 4 weeks of implementing personal education plans, analytics can predict the effectiveness of intervention strategies and recommend alternatives if necessary.

• Data-Based Decisions
Analytics can provide performance insights to help shape the educational experience. For example, if a school district can point to data showing that 6th graders perform higher in math after exercising while younger students achieve high test scores before lunch, better scheduling can lead to better outcomes.

By consolidating multiple sources of data and determining correlations and dependencies, educators can identify trends and effectiveness to develop a more personal approach to instruction.  And as this area continues to grow, greater insights will be gained across all levels of education.

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