2023 Women In Technology Awards Sponsorship

As a woman-owned business, supporting and empowering women in technology takes on a special significance, which is why we are proud to sponsor the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania (TCCP) Women in Technology (WIT) Awards event.

In an industry where gender disparity has been a long-standing issue, sponsoring a ‘Women in Technology’ event by a woman-owned business brings added depth and authenticity to the cause. We are proud to support this event that helps shed light on the transformative power women have in the technology industry.

It is no secret that diversity drives innovation, and we believe supporting women in technology events enhances creativity, fosters different perspectives, and leads to more robust solutions to complex problems. While the gender gap in technology remains significant, encouraging and supporting women in our field is essential to creating an inclusive and prosperous tech community. This is a major attribute of our core values.

Sponsoring a Women in Technology Event

We didn’t hesitate to participate as a sponsor to the Women in Technology event and have been a proud supporter since its inception. We have experienced its power to bring together aspiring female technologists, seasoned professionals, and industry leaders to network, learn, and empower each other. Here are just a few reasons why we continue to support this empowering event:

  1. Supporting a Worthy Cause:
    Sponsoring an event focused on empowering women in technology aligns with our core values of promoting diversity and equality. By providing financial support and resources, we are contributing to a cause that will have a meaningful impact on the participants’ lives and careers.
  2. Building a Supportive Community:
    One of the most significant benefits is helping to create a supportive community for women in technology. Providing a platform where we can connect, collaborate, and share experiences, fosters a sense of belonging and mutual encouragement.
  3. Fostering Networking Opportunities:
    This event attracts a diverse audience, including industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring professionals. As a sponsor, we play a role in facilitating networking opportunities for women, which leads to new collaborations and career advancement.
  4. Creating Positive Change:
    Gender disparities in the tech industry won’t disappear overnight. However, sponsoring events like this helps create a ripple effect that leads to lasting change. Empowered women who excel in their tech careers will serve as role models for the next generation, inspiring more young women to pursue the tech-related industry.

The Impact of the Event

The Women in Technology awards event continues to be an important platform for women. It provides an important opportunity for participants to share their enthusiasm and to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. We look forward to hearing their personal stories about overcoming challenges and fearlessly pursuing their dreams. By providing support and resources to empower women, we can collectively create a more equitable and innovative future.