January 6, 2020

Camp Hill, PA

A strategic partnership with Sisense allows Info-Matrix Corporation to maximize the power of customer data to provide valuable insights.

January 6, 2020 – Info-Matrix Corporation, a woman-owned, technology consulting firm specializing in full-service enterprise solutions, recently partnered with Sisense, a business intelligence and analytics software provider, to expand the capabilities of their Data Management practice. The integration of this tool allows customers to quickly access data from multiple sources to derive new insights and predictive metrics that impact business outcomes.

Whether looking at project performance or the probable impact of new technology implementations, Sisense is an intuitive platform that uses historical data and future trend analysis to provide actionable data points for business users. Customizable views and automated reports reduce administrative time requirements and allow real time data visualization. Dashboards show performance indicators such as utilization and capacity, while root-cause and trend analysis reports provide interactive data points to help shape future business plans.

“Our partnership with Sisense allows Info-Matrix to elevate our Data Management solutions and empower our customers to leverage and manipulate data in ways never before thought possible,” said Info-Matrix President and CEO, Brenda Ritter. “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning confirm that your insights only get better with time.”

While currently working primarily in the Health & Human Services field, Info-Matrix is already in the process of developing proof of concepts for other industries such as wildlife management & education.

About Info-Matrix Corporation:

Driven by a passion to understand market and industry trends, our Enterprise platform and leading analytics capabilities allow us to consult with our customers and enable them to make better business decisions.