Having the right tools to support today’s Child Welfare Professional is a critical component of our work with Human Service Agencies. Rooted in the practice that supports improved outcomes for children and families, the Info-Matrix team of child welfare and design experts partner with agency teams to develop tools Designed by Child Welfare Professionals for Child Welfare Professionals.

Using Data and Information systems such as the Automated Children and Youth Solution (ACYS) play a crucial role in today’s child welfare practice. Implementing tools that are federal and state compliant as well as practice-informed make it easier for professionals to focus on the work they do best… working with families.

By analyzing data collected within our Child Welfare Service Array, agencies can enhance efficiency, make informed decisions, monitor budgets and provider impact in real time, and support their employees and families more effectively. Leveraging tools such as AFCARS Insights (name) eliminates the time-consuming data cleanup and facilitates data-based decision making, ensuring the best decisions for families and for the agency.

The Power of Information enables improvements in child outcomes, supports beneficial changes in practice, and provides effective tools that enhance the skills of the user.

Services & Expertise

Providing intuitive technical support for today’s social work practice (hover for details):

  Investigation, Assessment, and Case Management

  Federal and State Compliance

  Program Integrity

  Optimized Technology to Enable Business Goals

  Worker Efficiencies

  Business Reporting Intelligence and Analytics


We have designed our products with the Child Welfare Professional in mind.

AFCARS Insights

Eliminate time consuming data clean-up and better understand a child’s path to permanency.

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AIM Dashboard

See your practice trends and improve outcomes through data based decision making.


Practice Improvement Case Management System with the case worker in mind.


Documentation in Child Welfare is overwhelming; the ACYS motto of Enter Once, Use Many not only makes the documentation manageable for one person, but it helps the whole team.
Frank, Fiscal Officer
AFCARS Insights works wonderfully! I used the tool for preparation of my entire AFCARS submission. I liked the fact that it was so easy to use, and I was able to see the previous reports with ease because they were saved in one place.
Kim, Data Manager
Through an engaged process with the [Info-Matrix Corporation] Subject Matter Team, we found that our agency wasn’t using data enough. Our process was archaic. Finally, we can understand and speak the same language with our system partners.
Val, Program Specialist

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Developing Today’s Tools with Tomorrow’s Practice in Mind