Today’s Health and Human Services professionals need innovative thinking to support the delivery of positive outcomes for their communities. Regardless of the size and location of your agency, the Info-Matrix Corporation team is committed to ensuring you have access to innovations that help your team get back to doing what they love: working with people.

Here’s how we get there together.

Bridge the Innovation Barrier


Technology and innovation should be accessible to everyone no matter the size of your agency or how rural your community.

Using an Enterprise Case Management (ECM) framework, state and county agencies can access the tools that meet the needs of their practice and reporting requirements.

Positive Outcomes for People


Human Service work is difficult, but helping people is the right thing to do. Healthy families and communities can be fostered through solution-focused service.

Reimagining how the community can gain access to services, the Info-Matrix team has designed a statewide call center for the Pennsylvania Department of Health that supports access at a regional and local level. While managing their experience, the call center is a catalyst for contact management. This person-first design is now used across other statewide departments such as the Department of Health COVID Help Line.

Focus on the Practitioner


By building supports that help your team do their work, the quality of what you provide is raised, and policies and processes are naturally improved.

Integrating human service systems helps create the comprehensive picture of a person’s care, while sharing information gives each team member a full picture of the people they are working with.

Without sacrificing quality, practice informed design using a modular framework allows Health and Human Service leaders to feel confident that the tools they provide for their team reflects their local practice and is fiscally responsible.

Leading and collaborating on statewide projects, Info-Matrix has demonstrated successful design, project management, and collaboration with human service programs that include:

• Contact Management

• Case Management

• Eligibility Enrollment

• Child Welfare

• Medical Assistance

• Healthcare



• Child Care

• Women Infant & Children (WIC)


• Contact Tracing

Our team continues to provide the following service to state and local human service agencies:

• Subject matter expertise

• Application architecture and design

• Quality assurance and data analytics

• Business analysis and process reengineering

• Comprehensive user testing

• Project management and oversight

• Customer experience management

Due to our success in Pennsylvania, we have expanded our work to include application and implementations in Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Alaska, California, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Maryland.

Our alignment of industry expertise, integrated best practices, and innovative technology solutions have positioned Info-Matrix as a strategic partner and leader in the human services technology industry and system reform.

Building a Better Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

When it comes to technology, the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center spoke to 100 experts in the Health and Human Services field to better understand how technology can reshape human services for the better. Five key themes were discovered:

Paperwork and processes can be some of the largest hurdles to overcome in health and human services practice. The bad news is much of it is required, the good news is that some of it is created by old processes that are no longer needed and can eliminated or made more efficient. Info-Matrix is committed to making the work of the Health and Human Services professional easier. We do this by working with our subject matter experts to understand the intricate processes of today’s practice and designing ways in which technology can assist them in their work. Some of the best minds are those who can speak the language of our users and understand the capabilities of what is possible!

People who utilize Health and Human Services rarely use the services of just one department. Many people have co-existing needs that are supported through the collaboration of multiple departments and teams. Often, departments don’t realize who is working with a person when they could collaborate and support them with a holistic and coordinated approach. Info-Matrix believes that giving teams the ability to understand the full scope of the history and depth of needs of a person can better equip our helping professionals with the tools they need to collaborate. Integrating with system partners and creating shared agreements that are secure makes it easier to support the people in our communities.

Today’s Health and Human Service Systems require that not only professionals have access to integrated information but that the people accessing services have the opportunity to be self-sufficient and access the information and service they need when they need it. Info-Matrix is committed to providing innovative solutions to users through secured access to their information, easy communication tools, and user-friendly design.

With the passage of legislation such as the Family First Prevention Services Act, state and local human service agencies are required to show the impact of the services they provide from evaluation to outcomes. Info-Matrix works closely with human service agencies and providers to determine the outcomes they would like to measure and provides them with visualizations and analytics that they can customize based on the system partners they are engaging.

Accountability can bring about positive change for human service practice if change management is implemented with a strengths-based solution-focused approach. Info-Matrix is committed to help agencies improve their practice by leveraging the strengths of their organization and strategically plan for changes in their practice and processes. Using an organizational effectiveness approach to change management, teams can actively see how quality improvement can affect their system outcomes.

Our Services & Expertise

• Assessment and Case Management

• Federal and State Compliance

• Reporting and Analytics

• Integrated Systems of Care Planning

• Worker Efficiencies

• Program Integrity

• Support & Change Management for Human Service Users

• Optimized Technology to Enable System Goals

Accelerate Outcomes

Info-Matrix is committed to delivering better outcomes that impact the health, safety, and well-being of the people in your community through a modular approach to technology that meets the needs of your specific practice! Using a unified platform, agencies can select the modules that best reflect their practice needs making it more cost effective to build a tool that matches the needs of their work faster instead of starting from scratch.

Children and families deserve safety, permanency, and well-being. This can be accomplished with an integrated system of care that surrounds children and families with the individualized service that they need. The Automated Children and Youth Solution (ACYS) supports the intake, case management, fiscal, and reporting functions for Pennsylvania County Children and Youth Services Offices.

Transform Public Health Programs by eliminating barriers to accessing services that meet the needs of people versus system parameters. Creating a foundation that sees systems as partners in support of people is key to improving communication within Health and Human Services.