Technology for Manufacturing

Delivery of goods and services has been revolutionized by on-line retail and exacerbated by the pandemic. The traditional supply chain that had been from manufacturer to warehouse to stores to consumers, in many cases, are now ordered electronically and flow directly to the customer. This requires a sound information technology (IT) strategy and technology solutions for manufacturing as well as fast-paced delivery of information systems.

Logistics was one of the first areas of business to employ computer technology, and is now one of the forerunners of leveraging data-based decisions and business intelligence. However, IT spending in distribution, particularly trucking, is among the lowest. Large logistics firms have very sophisticated systems that rate high in customer satisfaction, but smaller organizations struggle to keep up as their IT spending is reactive, not proactive.

IT applied to logistics and distribution also includes the very large supply management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Many firms realize the benefits of process re-engineering of these complex systems and embrace a well-planned and executed implementation.

Info-Matrix can help with the implementation of ERP solutions and providing technology for the manufacturing industry. Our long history of project, process re-engineering, and change management is critical for these system implementations.

Info-Matrix offers:

  • Business and systems analysis

    to identify gaps and assess areas for improvement.

  • Industry knowledge of systems

    to manage inventory and best practices for implementation.

  • Seasoned project management

    to plan and execute systems projects.

  • Established methods

    to analyze and present your business data for informed decision-making.