Converting raw materials to finished products is a complex process that requires precision and balance between multiple business functions. The ability to go from procuring raw materials to on-time delivery requires an ecosystem that ensures proper coordination of all processes, adherence to quality assurance policies, and tracking customer success.

Technology can help manufacturers navigate changing customer demand by innovating and optimizing operations. Info-Matrix helps manufacturers be proactive in the adoption of new technologies to leverage emerging market advantages.

Info-Matrix can help keep your supply chain lean, agile, and customer-centric by providing:

  • A robust supply chain

    • Finely-tuned pricing management software solution to assure that products are competitively priced for the market.
    • Technology solutions that address high-priority seasonality and urgent customer demand

  • Responsive manufacturing and distribution processes

    • Business Intelligence for optimal manufacturing processes and “Just In Time” inventory management
    • Utilization of data to evaluate and optimize distribution centers
  • Increased visibility into the marketplace

    • Leverage your data to build forecasts, projections, and targets.
    • Precise reporting and trend analysis without spreadsheet manipulation
    • Advanced data analytics to zero in on the problem areas needing more attention.