Change is the only thing that is constant about technology. As an Information Technology consulting company, we are committed to staying at the forefront. This includes providing the necessary resources to our employees to stay abreast of the new technologies along with an opportunity to share the knowledge with other Info-Matrix folks. With this objective in mind, Ameet Sonalkar and Dileep Karnati came up with the idea of a “Monthly Tech Night” to be held at the Info-Matrix office.

At the first session in January, Dileep presented on Python and its use in business applications. It was a very informative session that allowed the audience to get an understanding on Python along with a glimpse into the coding. It was a good first session with enough resources to get folks excited and started on the learning path.

The second session in February focused Mobile Application development. The team at Pennsylvania Game Commission presented their journey through this process. It focused on the success, the decision-making processes, the technical challenges and the outcomes. It provided a glimpse and opportunity to have a starting point for any other clients looking to venture down that road.