Leveraging Information to Generate Business Insights

Data Management

Discovering how to leverage information for fact-based, data driven decisions and business outcomes is becoming a fundamental requirement for digital transformation.   Navigating your ecosystem to examine large disparate data sets and design a data strategy is a complex process.  Business intelligence and data analytics must incorporate a data governance practice to produce meaningful results.  We help you unleash the power of your data into actionable information to accelerate business growth and optimize performance with confidence.

Practice Highlights

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Conversion and Reconciliation

  • Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning

  • Master Data Management
  • Trend Analysis

Big Data & Data Warehousing

We understand the complex process of aggregating and examining large and distinct data sets to discover patterns, trends, and correlations. Large volumes of structured and unstructured data often exceed the processing capacity of traditional database techniques. Our data services team focuses on technologies that utilize cloud storage to improve manageability, performance and functionality.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Our services help you unleash the power of your data to visualize, report, and present actionable information through dashboards, configure automated alerts based on defined thresholds, and generate predictive results to make informed decisions. We help our customers improve the visibility of their organizational operations and financial status to better manage business performance and make data-informed decisions. Click here to read more about Business Data Analytics.

Data Governance

We help customers ensure that pristine quality of data exists throughout their ecosystem to improve productivity and efficiency of the organization and build confidence in data driven decisions. Our practice facilitates the establishment of a governing body of stakeholders responsible for how data is used and managed across the enterprise and develops a set of procedures and a plan to maintain the trust and accountability of the data.

Data Migration

Migrating business data and information from one system to another is a critical function to facilitate the continuity of business operations.  Our team can help by identifying, mapping, extracting, and reconciling data as it moves and collates between systems.

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