Prioritize Projects & Establish Milestones for Success

Project Management

We believe that early customer engagement is imperative to project success. Our philosophy is to use frequent, transparent communication throughout the project duration to provide strong IT governance that ensures alignment of business needs with project outcomes.

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that the average project overrun was 27%. And worse, one in six projects had average cost overruns of 200% and scheduling overruns of nearly 70%.

You never have to be the one in six. Our project management professionals can help guide you to success with our proven approaches to portfolio management, IT governance and Organization Change Management. We can assist your organization with managing projects or building you own internal project management capacity.

Practice Highlights

  • Hybrid / Agile Delivery Approach

  • PMP and CSM Professionals

  • Integrated practices with support of certified business analysts

Portfolio Management

We help our customers identify, prioritize and manage IT projects and programs that are aligned to strategic objectives to meet business needs. We provide the guidance and visibility for portfolio prioritization based on risk and return assessments, and resource availability.

Project Management

Our project management services are based on industry leading methodologies and have been developed to allow us to successfully manage small to large-scale projects while consistently delivering high quality outcomes. We leverage various frameworks such as Agile, Waterfall or a hybrid approach to provide standardized processes and tools that are adapted to fit your unique scope of work. We actively prioritize requests, resolve issues, communicate effectively, and mitigate risks with business stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a project to ensure that business outcomes are achieved by meeting the scope, resource demands and scheduled metrics.

IT Governance

To ensure project success, we help customers establish the business management processes to effectively and efficiently manage Information Technology (IT) services and projects. Our team will implement and establish an efficient and effective governance structure based on your organizational structure and objectives. We will facilitate the identification and prioritization of IT investments, reconcile investments to strategic objectives, establish an authorization matrix and oversight process, and define Key Performance Indicators to measure and report the business benefits and critical outcomes.

Organizational Change Management

We recognize that IT projects are only as successful as the adoption of those using the systems and processes. For that reason, we recognize and include an Organizational Change Management strategy into every project. This may be as simple as an evaluation or as complex as a full OCM plan from project initiation to post implementation.

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